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Here is some interesting and important news you should know. 

We Love Pets!
Pets are part of the family too!

Our home health aides assist with walking, feeding and caring for your pet.  Pets can make wonderful companions for the elderly by warding off depression and even lowering blood pressure.
If you would like to join a professional team dedicated to improving the lives of others,
contact us at 248-553-3333 or click employment opportunities to apply online.

We are currenly hiring:

Experienced Home Care Nurses (RN)
Occupational Therapist
Certified Home Health Aides
Monthly Newsletter September 2016
Interim Home HealthCare – Oakland County September, 2016 Volume 3, Number 9 In This Issue New Office Staff Employees New Staff Roles Office Staff Aflac Benefits Employee Bonus Opportunities Contact Us DHCS – Theresa Pritchard, RN ADMINISTRATOR – Charles Aro QA/Intake – Jamal Ali, LPN QA Representative – Demetrius Kirk, LPN STAFFING/SCHEDULING The purpose of the Administrative office for our Home Health Agency: 1. To assist field staff with policy, procedure, and reporting concerns. 2. Accept vendor referrals and process the referrals. 3. To perform administrative functions related to hiring, paying and training employees. 4. To receive critical information related to the provision of care for our members. New Office Staff Employees During the last couple of months, there have been a number of staff changes in the administrative offices of Interim of Oakland County. 1. Customer Service Representative (CSR): Rachel has recruited and hired two (2) new staff members for the role of CSR for her team. Unfortunately, the first CSR did not integrate effectively into the position and a second candidate s recruited and hired. Our new CSR is Lindsay Welborn. Lindsay will start on 8/29/2016. Lindsay comes to our agency with CSR experience working for Walgreens Specialty Service and Providence Hospital. 2. Business Development Representative (BDR) – Paula Fuller will be joining our veteran BDRs, Erin Gillespie and Leslie Waddy to complete our marketing team. Paula has 20 years of experience in healthcare sales. The last 17 years Paula has worked in hospice for Heartland, Odyssey and Great Lakes Caring as a patient liaison. New Staff Roles Summer has been a time for re-evaluation of the current roles for our CSR team. We have been making changes to support the growth and administrative improvements currently being implemented in our agency. • Renewed interest in Aflac to improve benefit options for our employees • New Payroll vendor to improve the ability to reimburse our caregivers more efficiently and effectively • Improve client hours/shift coverage to reduce missed visits • Continued QA work to improve our STAR rating to 4.5/5.0 Our CSR team has been “split” into specific job responsibilities while having the common goal of 100% customer satisfaction. Rachel and her team continue to support Skilled, Angel supports the School and professional CC clients/staff and Chatara supports and supervises our paraprofessional staff and the clients they support. Kasey works with our customers to assure their invoices are correct, she works to secure payments from our clients and vendors, but primarily managed the documentation to bill, receive payment and reimburse caregivers, appropriately. Aflac Benefits – Open Enrollment Aflac representatives visited our office early in August. They have a reimbursement programs which allows employees to select benefit options paid by payroll deduction. Currently, employees can choose a reimbursement program(s) options to reimburse employees requiring medical, dental, sick/death, investment plans. In the future, it is expected that Interim of Oakland County will be contributing to these type of plans by assisting with the cost. The agency will be hosting employee benefit fair during our annual Open Enrollment period. Additional information will be announced in the next month. In the meantime, if you have questions about the current AFLAC opportunities, you may contact, Angel Gootee. Employee Bonus Opportunities Our agency is establishing multiple employee bonus programs for employees willing to fulfill specific employment contracts both on short term and long term schedules. These contracts are utilized to attract and retain the highest level of professional willing to commit to attending the assigned client without calling off or being late for the term of the contract, with the expectation of maximum reimbursement. Once the employee meets the attendance and performance requirements of the contract, the employee secures the bonus. The CSR and Clinical team staff are well-versed in the bonus options and all questions should be directed to members of these teams. Your ideas are welcome If you wish to share your thoughts and ideas on how to make our Agency, GREAT, please send me an email at
Priority Health
Interim HealthCare is pleased to announce we now accept PRIORITY HEALTH INSURANCE!
In addition to Priority Health we also accept the following:

Knowledge is key to feeling better and staying in your own home! 
Let our nurses teach you.  We train and certify our nurses in specific disease management.  Our nurses are educated in:tests
We also have a CRNI on staff for all infusion needs.

See What Others are Saying

Testimonials from some of our happy customers.

“I talked with you this morning about two of your caregivers, Danielle the nurse and Sheetal the physical therapist. Again I wanted to let you know what a fine job they both did after my wife's knee replacement surgery. My wife and I believe they are very competent, caring, and responsible.

“Your aide was very professional and careful to do things by the book. Yet she always made us feel that she was a caring friend coming to help out, not a worker coming to do a job. She treated dad with respect and dignity. She talked to him, not at him, explaining what she was going to do each step of the way. ”
“We have been through so many agencies to help me with my mother. They were the first who actually seemed to care. The owner even came to see my mom… It was so nice of her and I felt good about the care she was going to receive.”